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“We have received excellent collection results at a very low cost for over 25 years. We would definitely recommend Parson Bishop to any company that needs help with their receivables.”
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Concerns About Turning Over Brothers / Sisters for Collection?

The experience of working with fraternities and sororities for 25 years has taught us that you sometimes worry about turning your brothers/sisters over for collection. If you have that concern, we would like to share some points we have learned from our own experience and that of many other Greek clients.

  1. It is not your fault that you are faced with this decision. If there is fault, it lies with the person who has not lived up to his/her commitment to your chapter.
  2. Is it fair to permit people to avoid taking care of their financial obligation? They promised to pay and have enjoyed all the advantages. By not paying, they really default not just on their financial obligation, but the obligation of loyalty to their fraternity or sorority. By avoiding their promise to pay, they transfer more financial load to other brothers/sisters. Is that fair?
  3. The best way to solve these concerns is to have chapter policies that carefully outline the financial rules. One rule may be that all accounts not paid by the end of a specified period of time (perhaps the end of the school term) will be turned over for collection. By having this policy in writing, and signed by all members, it will eliminate any concerns about taking collection action should that event become necessary. Accountability will rest where it should, and that is with the offending person. Included in a good policy is the outline of a billing follow-up that includes a final warning letter and then turnover to collections if payment is not received.

The Parson-Bishop collection service is professional and business-like. Our entire approach to the brother/sister has an educational tone. This tone outlines the importance of taking financial responsibility so that personal credit standing will not be impacted. We carefully outline the importance of a good credit history since brothers/sisters will soon need credit to purchase automobiles and homes and meet other needs. Unless the person is completely irresponsible, this approach will work very well for you. We only report to the credit agencies when several, business-like follow-ups fail to recover your funds.

It is a fact that our service will collect money otherwise lost to you forever. Why not collect every dollar you can? After all, your chapter can always use the funds.

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“We have used Parson-Bishop for 10 years to help us collect outstanding house corporation accounts for several of our chapters across America. Their results have been outstanding and the staff at Parson-Bishop has been very cheerful and helpful. We would definitely recommend them to Greek clients.”

— Sigma Kappa Sorority, National Office, Indiana
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