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“We have received excellent collection results at a very low cost for over 25 years. We would definitely recommend Parson Bishop to any company that needs help with their receivables.”
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Medical / Dental Debt Collections

Now, Save Thousands of Dollars in Fees Compared to What You are Paying

Like most medical offices you have difficulty collecting some patient-pay balances not covered by insurance.

If you are not happy with your current debt collection service or you would like to receive information about Parson-Bishop’s unique, Preferred Medical Collection Services, please read on.

Everyday, more and more medical offices turn to Parson-Bishop’s effective, low-cost, proven collection solutions that can save you 50 percent compared to other options.

Depending on your monthly volume, you can easily save $200.00 to $600.00 a month.

Here’s why Parson-Bishop’s Preferred Medical Debt Collection Services will work for you:

  • Phase I collections are only 18 percent… other services charge 30 percent to 50 percent. Many accounts pay without extensive collection follow-up, so you don’t have to pay high fees for Parson-Bishop’s Phase I service.
  • The special 7-Year Follow-Up Plan results in many more collections for your office. To our knowledge, no other service provides this comprehensive plan.
  • All unpaid accounts are reported to all national credit reporting services. This process collects many accounts that others miss.
  • Attorney service is also available at very reasonable fees.

Parson-Bishop serves hundreds of medical and dental clients. Our experienced professionals work closely with your staff to make submitting accounts and receiving payments simple and easy.

Family practices, clinics, dental offices, surgeons and specialists of all kinds enjoy excellent results with fees about 50 percent less than other agencies charge. In fact, for over 35 years Parson Bishop has been collecting past due accounts for its medical and dental clients.

There are no prepayments or up front fees of any kind.


No other service offers you the experience, professionalism and results that we do. Please allow us to prove it! No collection service offers more capability.

Parson-Bishop’s facilities and technological capabilities are state of the art. Online capabilities direct to major financial and credit organizations help us find so-called lost individuals and determine their ability to pay.

Parson-Bishop is a member of the American Collectors Association and of the Commercial Law League of America.

Extensive references are available.

Medical Recommendations:

“The Urology Group has used the collection services of Parson-Bishop for 8 years and we have been very pleased with the results and service we have received from them. Their Phase 1 fees of 18% have saved us a considerable amount over the years. We would definitely recommend them.”

— Mary  Smith, Business Manager, The Urology Group
Cincinnati, OH

“We have used the collection services of Parson-Bishop Services for over 6 years. Over this time, they have proven to be effective and professional. Their staff is very service oriented and always ready to assist in any way they can. We are pleased and can certainly recommend them to others.”

— Richard Bevington, Practice Manager, OB/GYN Specialists of N.KY
Edgewood, KY

Dental Recommendations:

“Parson Bishop has exceeded our expectations in all areas. We have benefited from the low rates and their staff always puts their best foot forward. Their collectors are diligent, effective, and professional.”

— Brandie, Afinia Dental
Cincinnati, OH

“Our office has used the collection services of Parson-Bishop Services since 1999. We have found them to be very ethical, reliable and effective. Over the years they have collected a significant amount of past due money for our office. We certainly recommend them to other dental or medical offices that have need for collection assistance with past due patients.”

— Ann Anderson, Office Manager, E.M. Hammon, Jr  DDS,
Hixson, TN
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