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“We have received excellent collection results at a very low cost for over 25 years. We would definitely recommend Parson Bishop to any company that needs help with their receivables.”
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Commercial Debt Collections

The Best Way to Collect Your Past Due Accounts

Everyday, more and more companies turn to Parson-Bishop’s effective, proven, low-cost debt collection solutions that can save you 50 percent and more.

Like many companies, probably a percentage of your total A/R is 90-120 days or more past due.

If you are sick and tired of the time drain of repeated follow-ups or paying some agency 20 percent to 40 percent or more, to collect your money, you are not alone.

Here’s why Parson-Bishop’s 1st Priority Collection Program will work for you:

  • Your Phase I cost of collection is only 10 percent, and you only pay after we collect for you.
  • Accounts ignoring your requests for payment often respond to our collection intervention and pay your bill immediately.
  • If needed, Parson-Bishop provides complete legal service, nationwide, through certified, CLLA collection attorneys… at very competitive rates.
  • For over 35 years, our clients have enjoyed dependable and reliable service.

You don’t have to tolerate slow-paying clients…or those that fail to take care of their commitments.

You don’t have to pay exorbitant fees!


No debt collection service offers more capability.

Parson-Bishop’s facilities and technological capabilities are state of the art. Online capabilities direct to major financial and credit organizations help us find so-called lost individuals and determine their ability to pay.

Parson-Bishop is a member of the American Collectors Association and of the Commercial Law League of America.

Extensive references are available.

“Indiana Oxygen has been using Parson-Bishop Services for over 20 years. They have consistently produced good results for a very low cost compared to other services. Their staff and representatives have always been very helpful and responsive. We certainly do recommend them to other firms that have need for third party collection services.”

— Pam Sutton, Accts Receivable Mgr, Indiana Oxygen Company
Indianapolis, IN

“We have been using Parson-Bishop for 2 years and have been very satisfied. They have collected a good percentage of all the accounts we have submitted to them. The 1st Priority Plan has a low cost of collection of only 10% and we enjoy the savings. We recommend their service to others.”

— Dave Parran, Controller, ARGUS International, Inc
Cincinnati, OH

“Stasco Mechanical has been with Parson-Bishop for almost 20 years. We have found them to be very effective, dependable and professional. Their low cost, Phase I service has saved us a good amount of money over the years. Their staff is very friendly and helpful and we can definitely recommend them to other firms.”

— Linda Harris, Stasco Mechanical Inc
Marietta, GA
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