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“We have received excellent collection results at a very low cost for over 25 years. We would definitely recommend Parson Bishop to any company that needs help with their receivables.”
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About Us

History and Philosophy

Collecting monies owed to you is Parson-Bishop’s mission.

Parson-Bishop’s low fees are charged only when Parson-Bishop collects for you.

Parson-Bishop provides the collection of past due accounts for a fair fee in a professional, ethical manner. Since our founding in 1973, our guiding principle has been that effective collection results can be achieved for much lower costs than the typical 25 to 50 percent fees charged by traditional collection agencies.

Parson-Bishop has two divisions. The Commercial Group handles claims against businesses. The Retail/Consumer Group pursues claims against individuals.

Parson-Bishop serves:

  • Retail/Consumer
  • Greek fraternities and sororities
  • Private elementary/high schools, colleges and universities
  • Medical and dental practices, with expertise in all specialties
  • Commercial businesses, such as manufacturers and wholesalers
  • Service organizations, such as, HVAC, plumbing, banks, funeral providers, wholesalers, transportation and distributors
  • And, many other firms and organizations that have slow paying consumer accounts

All collection programs are set up in two phases.

Parson-Bishop’s Phase I Collection fees are about half of what other agencies charge. Phase II Collection fees are also among the lowest available. Parson-Bishop’s third party intervention collection follow-up collects many accounts

Should Final Stage Legal Services be required, with your permission, our nationwide network of attorneys goes to work for you, at traditional contingent fees.


Parson-Bishop fees are low because:

  • Parson-Bishop is an efficient, well-organized, lean organization.
  • Parson-Bishop has been collecting money and taking care of clients since 1973. We know what we are doing.
  • Parson-Bishop retains clients, so marketing overhead is very low.
  • Parson-Bishop’s business model is based upon strong volume, dedicated personal service and low fees.
  • Fair is fair. Why should Parson-Bishop’s clients have to pay a lot of money to get their own money?

Parson-Bishop offers you unique benefits.

  • Fee structure that saves you about 50 percent on your collections.
  • Credit Reporting, with 7-Year follow-up.
  • A proven company that, for over 30 years, has produced outstanding results for clients nationwide.
  • The Parson-Bishop staff is completely trained and certified in line with American Collectors Association guidelines.
  • Client Services Managers, who make clients’ lives easy

No collection service offers more capabilities.

Parson-Bishop’s facilities and technological capabilities are state of the art. Online capabilities direct to major financial and credit organizations help us find so-called lost individuals and determine their ability to pay.

Parson-Bishop is a member of the American Collectors Association and of the Commercial Law League of America.

Extensive references are available.

Why accept less?


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